Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Werewolves on the Loose

While many cryptozoologists are content to focus their investigations solely on those unknown beasts in our midst that seem to be purely physical in nature, the work of the CFZ often straddles that murky line between the physical and the paranormal. For me, that has been typified by my research into tales of werewolf encounters in the UK.

Do I believe that at the sight of a full moon, normally respectable members of British society are sprouting hair and claws while at the same time emitting savage growls and unholy howls? No, I do not.

But I do believe that witnesses to werewolves are seeing something. Indeed, most of the reports I have investigated on behalf of the CFZ in the UK have a distinct air of the paranormal about them.

For more details, check out my article on the subject that appeared last year in Fate magazine.

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