Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chupacabras Tales

In 2004, I traveled to Puerto Rico's El Yunque rain-forest (see above) with CFZ Director Jon Downes, as we sought out the deadly, vampiric Chupacabras. In 2005, Fate magazine published an article from me on our excursion, extracts of which can now be found online. If you blow up the photo, ignore the date stamp at the bottom, which says 1992. I had camera-setting problems!
Jon had made a previous visit to the mysterious island in 1998 - an expedition that resulted in the publication of Jon's book on the affair: Only Fools and Goat-Suckers. If you are in any way interested in Puerto Rico's most famous monster, I urge you to check out Jon's title. You will not be disappointed.

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