Monday, April 9, 2007

The CFZ in Missouri

Also now on board with the CFZ is John D. Wooldridge: our representative from the Springfield area of Missouri.

Born in 1973, John studied genetics at college, majored in Horticulture, worked in a bio-hazard lab in the field of transgenic organisms, and also worked on the wheat-breeding program for the entire state of Missouri.

As John states: "I collect all items relating to Ogopogo and to The Jersey Devil; I also have a large collection of cryptozoology figures, including 'Monster In My Pocket', 'Shadowbox Collectibles', Medicom Toy's 'The Great Mystery Museum Collection', UHA's 'Collect Club', UMA's/Heart's 'Super Mystery Magazine MU', and others. I am one of about the six most dedicated "Monster In My Pocket" collectors in the world & I own many extremely rare MIMP items. I had an article entitled Plant The Seed! which was published in the Autumn 1994 issue of The Sacred Record, which is the newsletter of The Peyote Way Church."

Further data on John can be found at:

If you're in the state of Missouri and have a story to tell that is relevant to the work of the CFZ, let me know and I will forward your details on to John.

And coming soon to both the blog and to the CFZ's Animals & Men magazine is John's article Missouri's Mysterious Monsters, which promises to be a good one.

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