Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hecate Hill: Bigfoot Lurks...

Here at CFZ-USA we like nothing more than a good night out. And so when in October of last year I was invited by Dallas-based playwright, artist, author and producer Bill Fountain to attend a performance of his new theater production on Bigfoot, Hecate Hill, I knew this was an event that I could not afford to miss.

And I was not disappointed: an atmospheric play, Hecate Hill grips right up to the last scene and remains thought provoking throughout. Nodding to Sam Raimi's cult classic film The Evil Dead, Hecate Hill is an atmospheric production with a cast and crew who have worked extremely hard to create a Bigfoot story that abandons accepted wisdom to strike out in welcome, unexpected directions.

I wrote a full review of Hecate Hill in the February 2007 issue of Fortean Times magazine; and further details of the play can be found at Bill's website.

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