Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Crossover Problem

The February 2007 edition of UFO Magazine includes an article from me titled The Crossover Problem that discusses the thorny issue of the many and varied paranormal aspects present in certain cryptozoological cases - including links with the UFO subject - something with which the CFZ is acutely familiar.

As I reveal, such cases are a challenge for both the cryptozoologists and the ufologists of the purely "flesh and blood-nuts and bolts" variety: "Both camps need to realize that neither has the answer to their respective mysteries, and both should treat the crossover cases in the same fashion - and as rigorously - as they would any other encounter. If we fail to look at all of the evidence - whether it sits well in our belief systems or not, it's truly our loss."

It was this article that led to interesting comments from blogger Regan Lee.


Lisa A. Shiel said...

Regan Lee and I have discussed this at length, both in our blogs and in a phone conversation. I have to say that, in my experience, some UFO researchers are more open to the idea than most Bigfoot researchers. When I gave a presentation at a Michigan MUFON meeting last year about Bigfoot & UFOs, I got a wonderful response from the attendees (mainly MUFON members). The Bigfoot researchers I've met who are open to the idea seem to be the independent sort not affiliated with a particular organization.

Only by examining all the evidence--even that which disturbs and/or offends us--can we ever hope to understand either phenomenon.

By the way, great blog!

Lisa A. Shiel
Bigfoot Quest
Michigan Upper Peninsula Bigfoot Organization

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks, Lisa; and wise words too re examining all of the evidence.