Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Missouri Monsters are Coming

John D. Wooldridge, the CFZ's representative for the state of Missouri is deep in the process of writing a definitive paper for us on the many and varied weird beasts that are said to inhabit the state, as well as its surrounding areas.

John tell us that, thus far, he has compiled intriguing data on a wealth of strange creatures - some with truly entertaining names, such as: Bloody Bones; the Booger Cats; the Booger Dog; the Booger Under Nob Hill; the Camden Sea Serpent; the Creature in the Hole; an eastern cougar sub-species; giant birds [Piasa birds; Thunderbirds]; giant catfish; giant centipedes; giant frogs; the Gowerow/ Gower; Graveyard Dogs; the Hornet Light; various lake monsters, such as the beasts of Lake Creve Coeur and the Lake of the Ozarks; the Missouri River “dragon” of 1857-58; the Momo; the Moon-Eyes; the Old Black Booger; Old RawHead; Old Sheff; Old Walleyes; the Ozark Howler; the monsters of the Kansas River, the Mississippi River, and the Missouri River; and much more.

We are most definitely looking forward to seeing John's finished report; and we urge anyone with any data that might assist John in his quest to write the definitive "Missouri-Monster" paper to contact him at

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