Monday, April 9, 2007

The CFZ Welcomes the South Eastern Skunk Ape Research Center

We're very pleased to welcome aboard James P. "Pat" Akin as CFZ regional representative for the state of Georgia.

Pat's research group, the South Eastern Skunk Ape Research Center, is doing excellent, solid, intriguing work and having him on board is something that both Jon and I know will be a huge bonus to both the work of the CFZ and its activities within the US.

Pat will be preparing for us - and for your viewing enjoyment and interest - an article on his research into the field of Skunk Ape and Bigfoot encounters in Georgia and its surrounding areas; as well as keeping us informed of cryptozoological activity in his area.

In return, we'll be highlighting for you the work of Pat and his group, now that we have made a welcome connection that will hopefully benefit everyone and add to the ever-growing CFZ network.

I urge you to check out the official website of the SESARC, which in part states:

"In 1997, the original investigative unit of SESARC was formed. In those days, we were called The Georgia Swamp Ape Research Center. The Georgia Swamp Ape Research Center was founded due to the discovery of the plaster imprint commonly called 'The Elkins Creek Cast.'

"The cast was made by James Akin and had been stored in his closet until he mentioned it to Steve Hyde. Hyde felt that the cast deserved further study and convinced Akin to send it to Dr. Grover Krantz. Later, it made the rounds in the Pacific Northwest and was finally verified as meeting the criteria of a legitimate cast.

"Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Mr. Jimmy Chilcutt verified that the cast was authentic and the first one from the eastern United States to be found legitimate. Thus GSARC was born.

"The pursuit team was formed and during later years of the 1990s explored the southland for signs of Sasquatch. It explored many areas in the Georgia, the Appalachian mountains, the Florida Everglades and points beyond.

"GSARC has now transformed into the Southeastern Skunk Ape Research Center. While we maintain the rights to the GSARC name: we intend to explore beyond the conventional borders of our state and of scientific convention. In short, SESARC is the logical successor to the legacy established by James Akin and Steve Hyde and GSARC.

"GSARC was based on pure scientific research. SESARC is based upon these same precepts.
Science, pure science, is the SESARC battle cry! We are seeking the solution to this mystery in the field, the laboratory and in the think tanks of the university.

"Please come along with us as we endeavor to enlighten our society and to discover new life forms that live cryptically among us!"

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