Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ken Gerhard - Monster Hunter

Ken Gerhard is a good friend and also the author of the recently published book Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters that has been getting rave reviews lately.

Check out Ken's website for details of his cryptozoological activities; and click here for a few pictures of our 2005 expedition, with Ken's wife Lori, to investigate the infamous Goat Man of Lake Worth, Texas.


kennyth said...

my name kennyth hord and i seen big foot about 75 feet from me 423-523-7316

acehierophant said...

I have seen the big black bird back in 1976 on the San Antonio river, I also saw its shadow twice this past summer fly over me and my wife while on the southeast side of S.A.,it covered two lanes and was angled at the wings. When I first saw it, it was at a distance of 100 yards and it was still huge, bigger than a long bed chevy truck, however it suddenly disappeared. I think it maybe flying in some sort of a vortex or dimension of some sort, because when we spotted the shadow, I stopped on the road and it had totally disappeared also. I think I know where I might be able to find it. It must have a migration route along the San antonio river, in a area that not to many people are aroung, its near an old Indian sacred grounds taken over by the church. Its something you don't easily forget. I tried telling people about the sighting but nobody believed me, I am glad more people are seing it.

Nick Redfern said...

Many thanks for this report; very interesting!
Ken Gerhard's book contains a lot of reports from South Texas and the Mexico border that are very credible.
You might be interested to know that I've come across a lot of reports near old Indian burial ground (in the US) and old cemeteries (in the UK).

Unknown said...

Ken I recently saw you investagating the "werewolf" legend in France. There are two things that were as far as I am concerned left out. The first thing is how does anyone know what the silver compound was made up of that the bullets were made from, that would have a large bearing on how soft the bulets would have been. Secondly there is no known bacteria or virus that will live in silver. Put those together and the outcome may be different than anyone thought.
I also saw a huge bird when I was about 7 or 8, it was larger than me and I was about 50 feet from it. The thing that I think about the older I get is that it was looking at me like I was food. That was in the early 60's in North Carolina. You do good work and please keep it up. Should you have further questions you may email me at dmshore1973@gmail.com. Good luck.