Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dragons: More Than A Myth in "Fate" Magazine

In case you missed it, the January 2007 issue of Fate magazine included an extensive, 4-page book review from me of CFZ Zoological Director Richard Freeman's book, Dragons: More Than A Myth?

Richard's interest in cryptozoology goes back to his childhood, and he previously worked as Curator of Reptiles at Britain's Twycross Zoo.

Check out the Fate website for details of how to get hold of back-copies of the magazine.

As Richard astutely states: "The dragon has its teeth and claws deep into the collective psyche of mankind, and it's not about to let go. Our most ancient fear still stalks the earth today. Beware: this is no fairy tale. When your parents told you that there were no such thing as dragons, they lied!"

And as Richard adds: "This is the first time that a trained zoologist, and a former head-keeper at a major zoo, has written about dragons in a serious, scientific fashion that doesn't relegate the subject to just myths and tales. I hope people will realize that I have tracked these animals - in all of their various guises and forms - and have presented the evidence in a way that I believe demonstrates that we do have some very strange beasts living among us."

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