Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday's Monsters

A good amount of crypto over at The Anomalist today:

Does Bigfoot Roam the North Country? Plattsburgh Press Republican. At first, you might think this article is talking about Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest. Not so. Look to the heavily populated northeastern United States and the area occupied by Vermont and northern New York state. Does Bigfoot roam the wooded areas on both sides of Lake Champlain, rivalling "Champ," the lake's supposed serpentlike denizen, as the area's cryptid of choice? Meanwhile, The Blogsquatcher offers a programming reminder in Tonight on Sasquatch Watch Radio and some enlightening video in Michio Kaku on the Multiverse Theory. Elsewhere, at Intangible Materiality, Bruce Duensing, in a segment he subtitles "The Reemergence of Animism," questions whether some experiences of a cryptozoological and/or UFOlogical nature might be a reawakening of a primitive form of initiation, as explained in Pt 2 of A Contest in the Ownership of Contingent Realities. With photos, illustrations and video. And, at Cryptomundo there's a retrospective in 75th Year: Famous Surgeon's Photo of Nessie.

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