Monday, April 13, 2009


This just in from Australian researcher Gary Opit:

Hi fellow cryptos,I have finally finished writing & self published, limited edition, 162 page illustrated book Australian Cryptozoology, with the first ever drawings from life of yowies & field research by Pixie Byrnes, and includes contents as below.

Now available for $55 a copy, postage included.

Included is a drawing by a Kakadu national park ranger of an ancient Aboriginal cave painting ofthe striped marsupial cat & drawings of the animal by various witnesses.

If you are interested, please send me a postal note for $55 & post to Gary Opit PO Box 383 Brunswick Heads NSW 2483 with your postal address.

Introduction Cryptozoology 3
Chapter One The Australian Environment 17
Chapter Two The Aboriginal People and the Australian Mind 24
Chapter Three The Australian Hairy Man, Australian Gorilla or Yowie 27
Chapter Four Pixie Byrnes' Research on the Yowies 32
Chapter Five The Search for Evidence of the Yowie 47
Chapter Six Yowie Tree Rips and Territorial Marker Sticks 62
Chapter Seven A Short History of Yowie Reports 62
Chapter Eight Njimbin, Junjadee or Little Hairy Man 76
Chapter Nine Homo erectus, Evidence for its Survival 84
Chapter Ten The Striped Marsupial Cat 86
Chapter Eleven Australian Big Cats 113
Chapter Twelve The Bunyip 116
Chapter Thirteen Mainland Thylacine, the Marsupial Wolf 129
Chapter Fourteen The Ri or New Guinea Mermaid and the Evolution of Humanity 143

Cheers, Gary.

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