Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Man-Beast Musings

Hairy wild-men (no, not Ozzy, nor Rob Zombie) are in the news again, courtesy of The Anomalist (who else?!):

North America's Elusive Babyfeet - Part 2 ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker continues unwinding the legends of small people moving secretly through the wilds of North America. The Amerindian legends of small humanoids in the forests and mountains of the United States and Canada stretch from coast to coast, and, according to Dr. Shuker, several cases of discovery of small mummified beings have been reported. Elsewhere, Tim Matthews, at Cryptozoology Online, points out the discovery of a rare orangutan in Borneo as evidence that in the fields of Forteana and cryptozoology there is Still Everything to Play For; and The Blogsquatcher points you to the new Sasquatch Watch Radio Website. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman, at Cryptomundo, reports on the New Yowie Photo: Racism & Fakery Again.

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