Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Check out the latest from The Anomalist. Do I need to say it's all good stuff, as per usual? No - but I will anyway!

Bigfoot Came Out of the Trees -- Part 2 From the Shadows. When we left the couple featured in Part 1 of this account and identified only as Ben and Marli, they were sitting petrified with fear as a dark, hulking figure silently stalked out of the woods at Pleasant Hill Lake in Missouri. The nighttime encounter has left the two thinking Bigfoot came within a twenty feet of where they sat in Ben's truck, too frightened to fire up the engine and leave. Bigfoot investigators are scheduled to inspect the area, and Ben and Marli returned to the area March 26, despite having said they never would. Key quote from Marli: "I've never been afraid of the dark, but I won't even go outside after dark now." Meanwhile, hundreds of miles north of Pleasant Hill Lake, MO, a veteran woodsman thinks he and his companions have run across something as frightening as what Ben and Marli faced, as the unidentified hunter relates in Personal Experience: The Wisconsin Dogman.

Monsters and Devil Names Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman points out the relationship between some place names and events that fired the imagination of the settlers who named the places. Such a place is La Laguna de Diablo, now known as Elizabeth Lake, in California. The lake was originally named for the belief a monster inhabited its waters. Having established the Fortean link between place names and events, Coleman offers a short review of Henry Franzoni's new "groundbreaking" book that looks into, among other things, the connection between Seatco (Sasquatch) activities and place names. Includes a short description of Franzoni's book, In the Spirit of Seatco. Meanwhile, Regan Lee believes there's a connection between words and actions that takes on a Fortean factor, as she reveals in "Lethal Removal": Twilight Language Embedded in Industrial Animal Sacrifice at Oregon L.O.W.F.I. Elsewhere, "Suspicious Animal Sightings" signs have gone up around Tallman Mountain State Park, as explained in Mystery Black Cat Sightings Around NY Park.

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Central Florida Paranormal said...

Interesting dogman account. I frequently hear researchers comment that "dogman" sightings are misidentified bigfoot sightings, but I often wonder if the opposite is true.