Monday, November 2, 2009

Regan, Mothman & More

Regan Lee says:

Mothman Like Being at Blueberry Lake?

Half listening to Coast to Coast last Halloween night. C2C was having its annual “Ghost to Ghost” show, with callers sharing their ghostly experiences. One caller had an interesting story about a winged, humanoid creature following a friend of his at Blueberry Lake. (I seem to remember the caller mentioning the Bellvue area of Washington state, where lots of weird things have been going on for some time, but as I said, was half listening and so not sure of the location. I know there’s a Blueberry Lake resort back east in Vermont, for example…if anyone was listening to the program last and remembers, I’d like to hear from you.).

I was a little surprised the host, Ian Punnett, didn’t mention Mothman, nor did the caller, but Punnett did reference Thunderbirds.

It was a good story; person walking alone, at night, in a lonely part of Blueberry Lake, and hearing the dsitinct sounds of someone following him, or tracking him, from within the brambly blueberry bushes lining the lake. The caller described the sounds as bare feet slapping down on the pavement. When he ran, the unseen creature ran, when he slowed down, so did the creature. When he got away from the bushes and closer to home, he heard a tremendous whoosing sound of wings above his head.

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