Monday, November 16, 2009

Mothman News...

This just in from Andy Colvin, author of The Mothman's Photographer series of books:

Dear Paranormal Pardners:

Due to some skillful prodding by Vyz, I have done three new interviews on Think or Be Eaten, which delve into my 2nd recent return trip to Ohio and West Virginia. These are some of the more wide-ranging of the shows we have done. The first show (Think or Be Eaten #47) looks at, among other things, my own family history and how it seems to tie directly into the Egyptians via the Pharaoic Montauk Indians (whom the Colvins married into). In the second show, we go into Masonic symbolisms - how they evolved from the Moors/Egyptians, and how they undergird the history of America and Europe. Go here and scroll down:

In the third show, which turns out to be Vyz's all-time longest interview, we go further into the evolving 11:11 mystery which, in addition to tying into key symbolisms of ancient Egypt, now includes a synchronistic Mothman sighting in early October, only a week before I left for Ohio. This sighting was only a mile or two away from our 1111 Independence Ave. address!

If you don't have time to listen to the entire two hour show, make sure you skip to the end so you can hear our new song, "Flying High With the Mothman." The song, which is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, tells the story of Indrid Cold and Apol, the famous MIBs of the Mothman story.

For details of that recent Mothman sighting, go here:

To read more about these events, check out my recent blog on the subject:


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