Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crypto Round-Up

As always, I take a few days off, and all crypto-hell breaks loose! But, that's a good thing as it means there's much to report on.

From The Anomalist: "Cryptids in Suburbia – Part 1 The Paranomalist. The idea of a Garden State Sasquatch, living in the highly populated northeastern part of the NJ, only a few miles outside of New York City, seems preposterous. But reports of the creature do occur here."

And, coincidentally, on the subject of cryptids and NYC, there's this new post from me at my Lair of the Beasts column at Mania.com.

And then there's this (also from The Anomalist) on all-things hairy and man-like: "Does Dauphin County Man Have Bigfoot Footage? WHTM. A man from Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he may have caught images of Bigfoot with his flip-cam while hiking the Appalachian Trail last month." Meanwhile, a giant-eel is apparently on the loose in Australia; and Neil Arnold gives us the latest on Chinese monsters. And, then there's this one on...wait for it...Bigfoot and breasts!

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Unknown said...

Looks like lots of good reads,Nick!
I'll check them out!