Monday, November 2, 2009

Crypto Anomalies

Good stuff at The Anomalist - as always:

Fowler's Bog Ghostwoods. The dark forests of Maine hold many secrets. Natives to any of the smaller towns in its vast wilderness know the land well and its creatures. Fowler's Bog in Albion, Maine, may indeed hold a secret of its own and a young boy playing hooky with some friends may have stumbled upon it years ago. During their walk home, as darkness descended, an enormous black creature emerged from the tree line and into the bog with a terrifying sound that has haunted the witnesses to this very day. Upon returning the next day with parents and sheriff in hand, clear evidence of the sighting was obvious. Suspiciously, however, the sheriff was quick to determine it was a pair of bears and told them to forget the incident but their parents knew well it must have been something else.

Bigfoot: Legend or ... Petoskey News. After encountering "the thickest wall of live human body odor that you could ever imagine" and later hearing "three faint taps like two pieces of wood being hit together, then a slight pause, then one more" while in Wilderness State Park in Michigan last July, Ron Kostrubiec believes he may have encountered Bigfoot. Later he discovered a set of footprints including one of "a right foot print about 16 inches long and really wide... with a little rise of dirt between the little and next toe." Kostrubiec spoke to the local police as well as the state police, both of whom said they had not had Bigfoot reports in the area. Elsewhere, Man hopes to prove Bigfoot exists in W.Va. and in Pennsylvania, they're asking, is there a Sasquatch in our woods?. And the first day of the newly opened International Cryptozoology Museum was quite a success as reported in If We Build It, They Will Come.

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