Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm going offline now, as I'll be speaking at Ryan Wood's annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference this coming weekend, but will be back to normal service Tuesday. See you then!

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borky said...

'el'o, Nic'las.

'ave you seen this BBC 'Early origins for uncanny valley' effect link?

It's 'bout the debate why apes 'ave the same wariness as 'umans when they encounter artificial representations of their own kind, i.e., representations so realistic they should pass for real, yet in some indefinable way no one's yet conclusively explained, they're somehow not quite realistic enough.

Gee, now why would monkeys evolve the same fear reflex as human when encountering members of their own kind who AIN'T THEIR OWN KIND?

If monkeys DID evolve before humans - an' I've no problem with that idea - well, I'll leave you to do the math on the implications...