Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Entities of the Temporal Kind

Here's a new posting over at today's edition of The Anomalist, which I believe could have a major bearing on the overwhelming elusive and seemingly near-spectral nature of Bigfoot:

"Gnomes - A Sustainable Population? The Heavy Stuff. Are gnomes temporal beings? In an article comparing the evidence, and lack thereof, of gnome populations to that of possible Bigfoot populations, the theory that both these beings are temporal entities, visible here for only a short time to the witness, is a compelling one. There is no solid evidence of the existence of either gnomes or Bigfoot. Years of research into the Bigfoot phenomenon have never yielded solid proof, say like a captured specimen, or remains of a deceased creature, and as the argument of the theory goes, it never will be found due to the beings ability to shift in and out of our realm, either due to multidimensional manipulation or another factor of their abilities not even comprehensible to us. "


cryptidsrus said...

Gnomes will never be proven until THEY decide to show themselves to US.

There's also the small matter that the overwhelming majority of folks on this Earth today do not believe in Gnomes or in any "fairy"-like cratures.

They may belive in Aliens, they may even believe in the Loch Ness Monster and even Bigfoot---but NOBODY believes in fairies anymore. Very few people. Horizons are not "expanded," like they used to be many centuries ago. They are "contracted."

And Bigfoot indeed may be "transdimenisonal," which might explain the fact that no truly hard evidence has ever been found. Of course, when one brings that up in, let's say, Cryptomundo, one is accused of mixing the Paranormal with Cryptozoology, which are SUPPOSED to be two separate THINGS.

My response to that usually reiterates the fact that there is NO such thing as the "Supernatural," or "Paranormal," only Natural phenomena and entities that Science has not Identified yet.
Until we as a society decide to "expand" our horizons---we will never "Discover" what is in front of our eyes but don't really want to acknowledge. Good link, Nick.

Anonymous said...

Fairies are undoubtedly visitors from the other side They seem to change appearance with the times current fairy sightings usually involve things looking like Japanese cartoon characters- big heads, snub noses, big eyes.Those gnomes in the toy cars in that park in Nottingham are part of the same phenomenon, the product of some trickster entity.
Then there's the Littlefeet- -check out Karl Shuker's website for more info. Perhaps they once enjoyed a worldwide distribution. Like Bigfoot the Littlefeet are credited with strange powers, like the ability to disorientate humans, and take over their minds and make them walk towards cliff edges.Bigfoot is claimed to have the power of invisibility, but perhaps they and the Littlefeet are capable of using infrasound. This notion has been used to explain their glowing eyes - apparently passing an electric charge through some salty, watery medium (such as an eye) will produce infrasound.
Maybe infrasound can affect the mind, stop it registering something right before the eyes.
Bigfoot might well have sense which make it able to tell when humans are around and even what their intentions are. They've probably worked out what cameras are for too.Hence the lack of evidence.
So we have a jumble of overlapping creatures and phenomena here : no wonder they all get away with not being proven to exist !

Neil A said...

A good post Cryptidsrus. I do believe Bigfoot exists as a flesh and blood creature. I don't think bodies will be turning up a greatd eal, especially when we consider the lack of bodies found regards to bears and puma which inhabit areas of the Stastes. In the UK the elusive nature of alleged exotic cats seems to continue to baffle 'experts', but at the end of the day, no-one is really out there looking, and badgers and fox remains are pretty scarce in actual woodland, so what are the cjances of a body of a very elusive animal ? Rare.

I think gnomes, elves, pixies and fairies are certainly nature-connected but through time society has squeezed out such uimaginings, especially with development etc. Fairies can still appear at the bottom of the garden, but only to those susceptible. Maybe this also goes for Mothman etc.

Ego Ronanus said...

There is a great deal of evidence for Little People who can either fade in and out of the visual field or quit this space-time continuum altogether. Surprisingly, there is some interesting material from this from the Appalachians. Its certainly worth a study. However, the term "gnomes" is a bit of a misnomer. It was coined by Paracelsus to mean beings that walk through the rocks beneath the earth.