Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From The Anomalist...

Two good new posts from The Anomalist:

A Lake Is a Lake Is a Lake...Isn't It? ShukerNature. Questions concerning the identity of a Tibetan lake reportedly filled with monsters leads Dr. Karl Shuker to examine the changing names of some lakes, especially those lakes within the confines of mainland China. One such lake in the northwestern Xinjiang Autonomous Region was previously referred to as Lake Hanas, but a new appellation has been bestowed on that body of water. Now it's referred to as Lake Kanasi. In 1985, however, when it was still Lake Hanas, imminent Chinese biologist Professor Xiang Lihao and a group of students observed some monstrous salmon-like fish in the lake that they say were at least 33-feet long. What happened to these huge fish? Has anyone captured one? Elsewhere, there are more lake cryptids in the news, as you'll see in Muirhead's Mysteries: Lake and Sea Monster Archives Part Three.

New Look of The Little Lady of Flores Cryptomundo. Dubbed "The Little Lady of Flores" by the scientific team that uncovered her bones in a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores, the diminutive creature otherwise known as LB1 has received a full-body reconstruction by renowned Parisian paleoartist Elizabeth Daynes. Loren Coleman shares images of Daynes' recreation of the female Hobbitt as well as other such work offered by Daynes, including a female Neanderthal reconstruction. Also at Cryptomundo today, Brent Swancer continues a recent report in Japanese FeeJee Mermaids, Part II; and Coleman offers a cautionary tale in The Bear Lake Monster.

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