Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Anomalies

From The Anomalist, over the weekend:

A "Smallfoot" Report? Inexplicata. In June of 2006 a well-known watchmaker and artist was driving on a highway when he saw a strange creature resting quietly on the shoulder. The animal had a monkey-like appearance with short arms and very straight long legs. When the driver stopped about 30 yards short of this creature, the apelike being did not move and turned its head toward the truck. The witness then saw that the animal had glowing red eyes and that its body appeared to be covered with something resembling "short, whitish feathers." What was that?

Goatmen and Satyrs Cryptomundo. Wondering what should be done about all the reports of "goatmen," Loren Coleman brings up Mark Hall's theory that these may actually be reports of satyrs, who wrote: "Their extraordinary physical capabilities have caused them to be called ‘goat-men’ out of a mistaken perception of their mode of locomotion..." Includes a detailed account of the sighting of a satyr-type creature in Louisiana in 1993. In another story, the question is raised: What Happened To Minnesota’s Kangaroos?

A "Thing" Sighted In Weardale Still on the Track. Something flew out in from of Jan Edwards' car the night of Oct. 7th. "Whatever it was, was not a bird, and was not a moth or bat. It was approx. 3 feet long, about 1ft wide at the head, tapering down to a short tail. It was white and almost see-through – like a cloud, perhaps – pear-drop shaped, and moved very fast." What was it? Elsewhere, UFOlogist Michael Swords discusses a cryptozoological matter, the Loch Ness Monster, in A Big "FISH" in a Small Pond.

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