Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mass Mysteries

Well, I can now report (now that I'm finally home and catching up on things) that the 2009 Mass Mysteries Weekend gig at the weekend went very well, and my Chupacabras lecture was well-received, as was Loren Coleman's presentation on the very strange links between Tom Slick, the Yeti and the CIA.

With audiences of about 100 per night, it was a cool event - and one that also featured presentations from good friend Peter Robbins (on the Rendlesham Forest, England, UFO event of December 1980); ghost-hunter Jeff Belanger (on hauntings at the White House); paranormal expert, Chris Belzano (who spoke about the mysteries of the Bridgewater Triangle); Matt Moniz on Bigfoot and a recent foot-cast of the hairy-critter; and Andrew Lake on the Ghosts of Rehoboth.

All of this was followed on Sunday afternoon by a bus-tour of the Bridgewater Triangle, which included a trip to various locations where hairy man-beasts have been seen in the woods.

It was an informative, enlightening and fun gig - thanks to all the hard work of John Horrigan, Tim Binnall, and the rest of the team. If you haven't had chance to check it out yet, do try and get along next year, for what is rapidly turning into a must-attend event.

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