Monday, October 5, 2009

Anomalies at the Anomalist

Here's the most recent crypto posts from The Anomalist:

'The True Believer' Is 'Not About Bigfoot' Daily Tidings. Filmmaker Nathaniel Bennett of Medford, North Carolina, is creating The True Believer, a 30-minute film about two brothers from Mississippi who come to Oregon to look for Bigfoot. Elsewhere, the forthcoming opening of the International Cryptozoology Museum gets more local press in Bigfoot and friends coming soon to a storefront near you, which Loren Coleman comments on in Cryptozoology Museum Volunteers Are MVPs. And an excerpt on bigfoot science from Living Anomaly, a work in progress by the "Blogsquatcher."

Man Spots Strange Creature in White Plains WTOP. Last month in Maryland, a man who speaks fluent Spanish, but little English, went to the County Sheriff's Department to report having seen a brownish type animal that he described as a chupacabras. Investigators poured flour on the ground in the area of the sighting and also set several traps, but without result. A follow-up report the next day, entitled When bizarre animal stories are a way of life, explains that Robert Beyer of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has been responding to animal nuisance for 30 years. One turned out to be a tiger. Says Beyer: "Never say never." Elsewhere, still more on the Tyler, Texas Bigfoot conference at Primatologist: If Bigfoot exists, it's not an ape and Texas Bigfoot Conference more boring than you would think. Why was the reporter disappointed? "I went to the 2009 Texas Bigfoot Conference expecting people in gorilla suits milling about among semi-crazed gangs of gonzo, tattooed, barrel-chested beandips..."

A Muddle of Mermaids ShukerNature. An extraordinary report, filed at the online Fanoos Encyclopedia, about a dead mermaid that had perished on the shores of Batroun. "The corpse was immediately shipped to Germany under very tight security, before heading to the University of Birmingham where it was put in the care of Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker." Comments Shuker: "This report has no basis in reality - for the simple reason that I can categorically confirm no mermaid remains, alleged or otherwise, have ever been sent to me to examine!" Also of cryptozoological interest, two festivals this weekend: Honobia Bigfoot Festival Takes Off and Lake Worth Monster Bash ~ October 3.

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