Monday, February 15, 2010

Werewolves & Shapeshifters

From the always-reliable Anomalist:

Werewolves, Wolfmen, and Shapeshifters Haunted America Tours. Alyne A. Pustanio begins this examination of "Fearsome Creatures on the Edge of Nightmare" with a recounting of what was reportedly told to an official inquiry held by the Inquisitor-General for a French diocese in December of 1521. Pustanio relates "The Confession of Pierre Bourgot" who claimed he and an accomplice, using a salve given to them by agents of Satan, were able to change into werewolves and terrorize the countryside. Bourgot's cohort reportedly agreed with Bourgot's description of the pair's transformation and ghastly deeds. But that doesn't end Pustanio's examination of lycanthropy during the years when witchcraft and devilish deeds were suspected in every corner of Europe. Do these tales hold true evidence of werewolves during the Middle Ages? With artwork by Ricardo Pustanio and an excerpt from Brad Steiger's The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings.

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