Thursday, February 11, 2010

The City Park Thing

Over at Haunted America Tours there's a new, and very weird, account of an equally weird critter. Very interesting reading!


AWT said...

Well that was a fun link, at least it brought back pleasant memories of my days (and nights) spent in the Big Easy when I lived on the Gulf Coast. Perhaps the Honey Island Swamp Monster has moved west (maybe he was in town to cheer on the Saints). If deer, bears, coyotes, pumas, etc. can occasionally roam about in our cities why not an unknown biped, especially one of amphibious tendencies?

By the way, Nick, it was great seeing you on MonsterQuest ("Mothman') last night. Too bad about the rather anticlimatic ending, but that's a trademark of MQ anyway. At least your expedition looked like it provided some intersting scenery. It was refreshing to get your blend of open-mindedness and a pragmatic approach. Cheers, AWT

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks A!