Monday, February 8, 2010

A Florida River Monster

The latest from Lindsay Selby:

Between 1955 and 1961, there were reports in Florida newspapers, of a creature in the St. Johns River. The reports came from a variety of people from fishermen who made their living there and from visitors and new residents. They all reported seeing a large creature but some said it was like a dinosaur, some like a giant manatee. Most sightings occurred between Astor Park and Lake Monroe, the majority at Blue Spring. (this is important to note you will see why at the end of the posting)

One Lake County man claimed to have seen the monster on land grazing on plants. He reported that the monster left a beaten down path through the bushes. The animal's skin was described as elephant-like and grey coloured. Two bass fisherman claimed that the monster had almost tipped over their boat.

In 1975, Five people in a fishing boat were frightened on the morning of May 10 on St. Johns River near Jacksonville. They claimed to have seen a dragon-like creature, that reared its head from the river, then disappeared into the deep water. It was described as having a head like a giant snail, with two horns.

And here's the link to the rest of Lindsay's post. Check it out (and her other posts at the CFZ blog - she's been posting some good stuff in the last few weeks).

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Anonymous said...

For those who haven't heard about it a river monster was caught recently. All 14 feet of it. The largest ever known in the river. An alligator. As for Pinkie if the state wanted it found it'd be found. So what if it killed a bunch of divers. It draws the tourists. Let a measly Nile Monitor come to your door and they go all out hunting and killing every one they can find. Thank's to modern technology Pinky could have been found and killed immediately after it killed those divers. Money means more to the state than the lives of it's people though. All of the new taxes prove that. It's up to kids to kill the monsters for the state won't. It's too busy wallowing in it's money. So kids get your dads depthfinders and show them how to find and kill Pinkie. It takes a kid to do a man's job anymore. Men are more interested in getting money than keeping the river safe for kids.