Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crittrers at The Anomalist

Over at The Anomalist, you can find links to all the following, new stories. There's some good material here:

Mysterious Footprints in South Carolina Cryptozoology Online. Photographs show a series of apparently three-toed tracks in the snow that are puzzling those trying to figure out just what kind of animal could have left them. Do you have any ideas? Elsewhere, Dr. Karl Shuker produces some photos of winged cats and a bit of Turkish text he's hoping someone can translate in Translating a Turkish Delight...or Two. Meanwhile, a 101-year-old edition of a newspaper prompts this report: Muirhead's Mysteries: A Living Dinosaur from Idaho 1909?

Man-eater or Only Killer? Cryptozoology Online. Not all unknown lifeforms inhabiting Earth are animals; some are from the plant world, fitting into a cryptobotany mold instead of cryptozoology. Such is the subject covered here by Ivan Mackerle as he calls on historical accounts that seem to have originated in the late years of the 19th century and still persist today. Mackerle describes what has been reported about Madagascar's man-eating trees in the past and describes his own dangerous quest to find these mysterious trees. Meanwhile, some commentary is generated by a 'Giant' Anaconda Picture that probably owes its supposed gargantuan size to the nearness of the camera, and Lindsay Selby points out how a 1993 sighting of one of the world's most famous cryptids differs from other reports of the creature in Nessie Sighting?

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