Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bigfoot Weirdness

The Blogsquatcher has an excellent new post that discusses some of the weirder aspects of the Bigfoot controversy, including those pesky glowing eyes and the apparent ability of the beast to affect electrical systems. Check it out!


Kithra said...

It's a very interesting article. But I do have just one question.

If Bigfoot is paranormal why does it need to eat real food?

Jason Korbus said...

My apologies for being very much off-topic, but I happened to catch a very late night replay of Monsterquest last night (and I'm still awake...) to see you out checking out Mothman claims. Have you ever been out to Point Pleasant for the Mothman Festival? I'll be heading back this year, and I think I'll make a regular trip of it. Had a good time last year.

In other news, we'd love to have you back on Strange Frequencies Radio sometime to talk Contactees, and the troubles with modern UFOlogy.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Kithra

That's a very good question! I wish I had an answer. But, it seems that there's more than a few of these things that seem to straddle the physical and non-physical.

Such as the Man-Monkey in England: in the original story it jumped onto a man's horse-and-cart. But, when the chap tried to hit it with the horse-whip, the whip went through it.

So, there's a paradox there too: how can something be solid enough to jump on a cart, but for a whip to go through?

Similar too to the Beast of Bolam that Jon Downes saw in 2002: it was running on the woodland floor, but was one-dimensional.

I don't have a good answer to these types of case, except to say that they can be found pretty much everywhere.

Marie Jones' book PSIence digs into how quantum-physics (in relation to cryptids) might explain some of it - that book is a good read.

Nick Redfern said...

Hey Jason

No, never been to Point Pleasant. For last night's MQ I was only filmed in Wisconsin, but would definitely like to get to Point Pleasant one of the days.

Yeah, I'll be happy to be on the show again - thanks!

Neil A said...

Poltergeist activity enables a seemingly 'supernatural' form to attack humans - scratch marks etc - and move/throw furniture, so surely a 'paranormal' creature could appear to consume food, especially when one considers that psychic vampires, in a folkloric sense are said to 'witchryde', similar to the Old Hag, and feed off the blood, breath etc, of human beings.

Eye-glow is not at all strange - a black leopard even in the daylight can appear to have glowing eyes. Alot of nocturnal animals can appear to have glowing eyes but if there is a slight slight source then naturally these eyes will reflect.
I don't think Bigfoot is paranormal, but unfortunately, like many 'unexplained' things, they seem to get lumped in with Ufology/folklore.

I don't think cryptids should be confused with zooform's.