Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eels in the Loch

Lindsay Selby has another good post over at the main CFZ blog in England: this one is on the theory that the creatures of Loch Ness may be over-sized eels. This is an interesting argument, and one that seems to be gaining a lot of support and strength: certainly both Jon Downes and Richard Freeman have suggested strongly that some of the on-going lake-monster traditions and sightings in Britain could be due to the presence of monster-eels in certain bodies of water.

Of course, the notion of huge eels in Loch Ness may not have the allure that the image of a colony of survivors from the era of the dinosaurs provokes, but - I would strongly argue - if you ever come face to face with a 25-foot-long eel, you're unlikely to quibble over whether it's a monster or not!

Here's the link to Lindsay's post, which contains some good, historical data on the subject-matter.

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