Friday, June 20, 2008

One More From Jon Downes...

Jon Downes gives us one more update on what's afoot with the Russian expedition, his new Island of Paradise book, and much more...

"Life is too bloody complicated.So much is happening at the moment that it is almost too much to take in, let alone document on my sadly neglected bloggything. However, the boys are off to Russia amidst a flurry of terrorist alerts and other high jinks that I am not - at present - at liberty to talk about.

"You can follow their adventures on The Expedition Bloggything . They leave tomorrow evening, and I expect the first bulletin, telling us that they have, at least, made it through immigration at Moscow, early on Sunday.

"I am sitting in the office at the zoo at the moment. All the staff have become very fond of Richard in the short time that he has been Head Keeper, and are anxiously looking forward to news from the expedition.

"In the midst of this, building work on the museum is just about completed, and we have moved the first four exhibits in; Flump the Chinese soft-shell turtle, Myrtle the Amboina box turtle, one of our amphiumas (Gumbo), and the alligator soft-shell.

"I am sitting here at the zoo frantically trying to work out where to put a second soft-shell that we recklessly said that we would have months ago....And on top of everything, my new book Island of Paradise is out next week."

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