Monday, June 23, 2008

Cat Killed in the USA

Thanks to Mark Fraser for alerting me to a breaking story on a cat-kill in the US...


cryptidsrus said...

This, to be honest, is a tragedy.

I don't blame the deputy for shooting the cat---he acted in a split second decision---but still, the cat was apparently just looking for food. And was declawed. We had this over at Cryptomundo. Some people were upset at the sheriff. Ultimately law enforcement authorities should be trained on how to deal with animals like these that appear violent but are not. Unfortunately, this gentleman was not---the cat went over to him, he apparently mistook that as a sign of aggression and acted. He did what came naturally to him.

Once again I don't blame the guy, but still...a magnificent animal dead. Sheesh.

Of course no one's going to come forward to claim the jaguar...possibility of fines and prison are are a good motivator for silence.

Nick Redfern said...

C: Your comments are right on target re this - it is a real tragedy indeed.