Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The CFZ In Russia: On Its Own

The CFZ quest to find the Almasty of Russia is progressing - albeit not without a few setbacks. Here's Jon Downes with an update:

"We have had no Internet for the past 36 hours so I haven't been able to update at all. The main news is that Channel 4 [the British TV company that intended accompanying the CFZ team to Russia] have pulled out of the expedition. The Russian Government apparently refused to grant a visa to the film crew. The area of the expedition is perilously close to Chechnya and other trouble spots for their liking, and they are afraid of an anti-Russian documentary being made by the folks in what is euphemistically described as the free world. So we are on our own."

At least Richard and Co. have their own cameras; and Jon tells me he will be making his own, detailed documentary on the expedition using the filmed material that the guys bring back with them. And, of course, with Jon being able to make the film according to his own rules, there won't be any editorial control from outside - you'll get a film made by cryptozoologists for cryptozoologists.


cryptidsrus said...

Keep the faith, Mr. Downes...

Nick Redfern said...

There's updates already in, and things seem to be going well - despite the TV setback. I'll have a post to update shortly.