Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Search of India's Bigfoot

Thanks to Kithra, I was alerted to a notable story this morning. It's a BBC article on a quest to seek out the truth about the Indian equivalent of the Yeti. It's an interesting piece that contains some intriguing data and a couple of good video links. Definitely worth checking out!


AWT said...

A great article (the embedded video clips were a nice touch), thanks to you for the link and to Kithra for making us aware of it. Admittedly, the ingrained oral traditions of the local people and the scant physical evidence dictate that it remains to be seen whether the creature is an undescribed ape or surviving proto-human, a misidentified bear or known primate, or a hoax altogether. Still, the BBC presented a good treatment of the mystery. I hope that the footprints and hairs will be analyzed properly and the results disseminated soon.

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah, all it would really take would be a few truly anomalous hair samples to radically shift skeptical (and most media) attitudes to cryptozoology.