Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Anomalist on Crypto

From our good friends at The Anomalist, here's a few things they have highlighted over the last couple of days:

What is Yowie? Cryptomundo. Cryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman is seeking input as the mystery of the various types of huge, hairy man-like beings fleetingly glimpsed in various locations around the world continues. Are the various Bigfoot-like creatures reported around the world all related? Or are they different creatures, some ape-like and others more man-like? With images. Meanwhile, the reports of melanistic felids continues from various locations around the US, as seen in Black Panther Roundup.

Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo has a trailer for the new mockumentary No Burgers for Bigfoot. Meanwhile, the Bigfoot research of the late professor Grover Krantz will be the subject in London during The Cryptozoology Season, the last of Asia's cheetahs might be a bridge between the hostile US and Iran governments, as detailed in Cryptic Cats Link Hostile Governments and the Ukrainian government has plans for the endangered European bison, explained in Radioactive Wisent?

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