Monday, June 9, 2008

Dave Archer, CFZski, and the Almasty

Dave Archer, also a member of CFZski, offers his perspective on the forthcoming expedition to Russia:

"As a schoolboy I read an article in a wildlife magazine on Russian Wildmen which started a fascination with the Yeti, Bigfoot, Almas and Wildman.

"In later years I read Odette Tchernines's book The Yeti. It has since then been my dream to go in search of these creatures especially in such apparently rich area's like Kabardino Balkaria and the Caucasus and feel lucky to have found like minded and experienced friends to go with.
On this expedition I would hope to find evidence of almasty bones, hair samples or any material containing DNA so as to try and identify the genetic line of this species.

"My dream from this expedition would be to come into contact with the almasty and to encounter this species in its own environment. To be able to take photographs and share my findings with the rest of the world would be an honour.I am also very interested in the mysterious reptiles that have been reported in the area as I am very interested in herpetology. All in all I can’t wait to get to Russia and begin what in my mind is a huge adventure, and hope this trip is the first of many to this exciting area."

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