Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Would Lincoln Do???

This is somewhat off-topic, but David Acord (whose weekly newsletter, The Cryptid Chronicles, I definitely recommend!) has a new book out titled What Would Lincoln Do?

Here's the background on what looks like an interesting, fun book:

In time for Lincoln's 200th birthday, an incredible etiquette and business guide based on Lincoln's actual strategies.

Lincoln is loved and adored to this day for his leadership, cleverness, and ability to find the best in any situation - skills he used to bring the country through its most difficult time in history.

How much easier would it be to tackle everyday problems if you had Lincoln advising you?

What Would Lincoln Do? is a fun and insightful guide to common problems people face and how the Great Emanicaptor would tackle them. Using actual tactics Lincoln recorded in his letters and speeches, readers will learn how to:

Deal with unpleasant coworkers
Give advice to a close friend without hurting his feelings
Say no to a relative's request for a loan
Respond to unfair rumors and accusations at the office

What Would Lincoln Do? is a must-have guide for Lincoln fans and anyone wishing to benefit from the advice from one of history's top leaders.

David Acord has been a professional journalist and editor for more than ten years. He is currently editor-in-chief of a business publishing company in Washington, D.C. He has been a Lincoln buff for most of his adult life, and lives in Arlington, VA.

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