Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Anomalist

From this weekend's Anomalist:

Paul Dale Roberts, indefatigable investigator of any kind of high strangeness case, checks out the Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA, after an email message, and wonders if there's a connection between the email and The Mothman Dilemma.

Michigan Bigfoot on the Move? Cryptomundo. As weather begins to warm across the midsection of the USA, it seems some headlines are picking up on the appearance of a huge, shaggy, manlike form moving through the swamps, forests and bottomlands. A recent report from the Great Lakes State causes Loren Coleman to reminisce about Michigan's Bigfoot history. With image. Meanwhile, those recent giant footprints in the snow in British Columbia come under more scrutiny in Photos: Follow-up to Sasquatch Sighting/Evidence in Moricetown, BC. Elsewhere, Coleman, recently returned from England, reports the British press has remarked on an expedition to the Land Down Under that has been underwritten by a charity group. One of ornithology's greatest mysteries is at the root of the quest, as Coleman explains in Maybe-Extinct Parrot Search Gets £5,000. With images.

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