Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Anomalies

As per usual, here's the daily dose of what you can find at The Anomalist of a definitively crypto-nature:

Wild Green Men Cryptomundo. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, Loren Coleman visits the European legends of the "Green Men," throwing in America's green giant from Minnesota, a trademarked emblem. With images. Elsewhere, Coleman continues notations of the celebratory date with the revelation of a link between March 17 and a legendary cryptid: St. Patrick's Day and Yetis. With images. Along the way, Coleman issues the continuing call for help in preserving the International Cryptozoology Museum. Elsewhere, another eminent cryptozoologist is asking for help, as Dr. Karl Shuker at ShukerNature seeks to save his non-PC compatible files, as explained in Here Starwriter, Starwriter... Can anyone help with Dr. Shuker's search for "a Canon Starwriter 80, 70, or 300 model of word-processor," a device "as rare and elusive as any cryptid"?


Jason Korbus said...

Hey Nick, thanks for keeping us updated on the ever elusive cryptids. David Acord, of "Cryptid Chronicle" success, will be on Strange Frequencies Radio this Sunday evening. Thank you for introducing me to his work via this blog.


Nick Redfern said...

Hey Jason
That's cool re David - say hello for me!

Jason Korbus said...

Will do!