Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extinct: But When...???

The weird story of the Cambodian stegosaurus is in the news again, as The Anomalist notes:

Cambodia: Dinosaur Images Noticed in Temple Ruin All News Web. Carvings in the stones of World Heritage Site Angkor Wat in Cambodia appear to distinctly depict a stegosaurus, a dinosaur conventional wisdom says disappeared from the face of the Earth millions of years ago. Could these lumbering plated dinosaurs have roamed the jungles of Cambodia in the relatively recent past? With images.

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cryptidsrus said...

I told Loren and I'll tell you, Nick...

Looks like a stegosaurus to me. A stegosaurus with a rhino head.

I ask: could this have been a representation of a description of a creature handed down over the centuries as oral tradition? Hmmm.
Maybe it was seen around the time of the temple's construction. Double Hmmm.:)