Thursday, March 19, 2009

Freeman Interviewed

Neil Arnold has an insightful new interview with the CFZ's Richard Freeman posted at his Monster! blog.

Rich and Neil cover a wide variety of areas in the interview, and here's a taster:

Neil: "Of all the cryptids, which do you think are most likely to be discovered over the next century?"

Richard: "The thylacine or Tasmanian marsupial wolf. It has been seen by zoologists and a park ranger. It has been filmed on several occasions. Sightings number in their thousands. It's the cryptid most likely to exist.The almasty,a relic hominid a close relative of man. In the Karbadino Balkaria part of the Caucasus Mountains of Russia their numbers seem to be on the increase. They will approach human habitation and people do not hunt them. I think a great breakthrough will be made here. Orang-pendek, the upright ape of Sumatra. There's no doubt it exists. It has been seen close up by at leas two well respected scientists. It will come down from the jungle to semi-cultivated areas in search of food. The giant anaconda. They give birth to live young, they live most of their lives buoyed up by water. They can reach huge sizes. It's just a matter of finding an undisturbed area with a massive individual."

And you can catch the rest of the interview right here.

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