Monday, March 23, 2009

The Monkey-Man

Richard Freeman delves into the controversial story of India's Monkey-Man. As Rich says:

"The slums of East Delhi are filthy and overcrowded. Hundreds of people are compelled to sleep outdoors. Streets are usually dark, as the streetlights remain unrepaired. In some areas running water is available only one hour a day. It was into this unwholesome place a strange figure bounded on the night of May 13th 2001. Four to five feet tall, it walked upright like a man but was covered in hair. It had red glowing eyes and an ape like face.

"The entity was christened ‘Monkey Man.The creature leapt from building to building and attacked its victims with raking claws and sharp teeth. Panic swiftly spread through the filthy, overcrowded slums. The police received accounts of fifty attacks on the night of May 14th alone. The merest mention of the creature could send whole areas into a frenzy of panic. In stampedes to escape the creature two people fell to their deaths from rooftops and stairs. One was a pregnant woman."

And here's the rest of what is a cool and interesting post.

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cryptidsrus said...

Great article, Nick.

Could it possibly be Hanuman, the Monkey-God of Hindu mythology???
He has been seen before in parts of Asia. Pastor Swope even had a post about him.

One thing---
Springheeled Jack and Monkey Man may have indeed terrorized their respective cities, but I think the resembalnce ends there. Spring-Heel Jack was never described as being "Monkey-like." Rather, he looked like a well-dressed humanoid. Who could breahte fire and jump more than a mile or so. But I do agree both inspired terror.