Friday, March 27, 2009

Tracking The Bigfoot Author

Today's Anomalist highlights a strange and intriguing detective-type story from Loren Coleman, as the following shows:

Mysterious Cryptomundo. Bigfoot has been mystery enough over the last few hundred years. But there has been a mystery within the Bigfoot mystery for over 30 years: what was the true identity of "Jan Klement," the author of the 1976 book The Creature: Personal Experiences with Bigfoot? The slim volume claiming to describe the friendship between the author and a Bigfoot he called Kong has captivated many Bigfoot enthusiasts, but the true name of the author who tantalizingly told of Kong's special relationship with a cow, and more, has eluded those who would know the truth. Has Loren Coleman identified the mysterious Jan Klement? With images.

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