Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monstrous News

Lots of crypto-things at The Anomalist today, as they state:

Is Bigfoot a regular visitor to the White Mountain Apache Reservation? Meanwhile, Emily Baird of WHIZ-TV News in Zanesville, OH, catches up with some Bigfoot researchers for a video interview in Bigfoot Continues to Outwit Humans.

Interview: Philip Spencer BoA: Audio. Philip Spencer, the star of Wildman of Kentucky: Mystery of Panther Rock, visits with Tim Binnall to talk about an area of Kentucky that seems to be prone to the paranormal. From Bigfoot to wolfmen, residents and visitors in Anderson County, KY, have described all manner of strangeness. The area, also known as the "Frazier Land," was the birthplace of Philip Spencer, and he discusses the myriad of reports from the area in this downloadable podcast. Elsewhere at BoA, Regan Lee in her "Trickster's Realm" column revisits a famous film to pose a question: The Abominable Snowman: Was Film's Creator Aware of Paranormal Bigfoot?.

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