Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monster Posts

As is usually the case when - as with yesterday - I'm not around for a day or so, there's usually a backlog of things to report and catch up on. So, here goes:

1. From The Anomalist: Dog Dreaming: Unmasking the Hounds of Morpheus ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker expounds on a curious kind of dream, the kind that features a dog. Many people have these dreams, some frightening and some of a gentle nature as benotes mankind's most common relationship with "man's best friend." Key quote: "Paying close attention to the activities of a dream dog provides important clues to the nature of the message conveyed by its visitation, at least according to the lore of dream divining." Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, there's a nearly hour-and-a-half-long video of Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education and President of the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Skeptics unloading her mind about the Bigfoot phenomenon in Wild Woman of the Forest.

Note from Nick: Karl's is a particularly good and fascinating article - check it out!

2. And also at The Anomalist:
Reports: Large, Hairy Two-legged Animal Seen The Hawkeye. In Jefferson County, IA, a few callers to Jefferson County Conservation have reported something is afoot...and it's big, hairy and walks upright. So far, Jefferson County officials are not saying Bigfoot has been spotted along the Skunk River valley, and they don't appear to want anyone else to say so either. Is there a Bigfoot presence near Fairfield, IA? Elsewhere, Regan Lee, in her "Trickster's Realm" at Binnall of America, considers one of the questions of our time in Sasquatch: The No Kill Philosophy. Meanwhile, something much cuter has been spotted, as a Pink Dolphin Appears in US Lake.
The Patterson-Gimlin Film: An Analysis Anomaly Magazine. With a minor in physical anthropology, including primatology and human evolution, it appears Noah David Henson has the academic stature to comment on the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. And Henson does just that, emphasizing his analysis is a skeptical one. So, what does Henson deduce after careful consideration of the most famous Bigfoot film in history? With video. The Cryptid Chronicles Free Issue TCC. The recent establishment of a new weekly newsletter dedicated to those creatures usually referred to as cryptids generated a lot of interest. Now the publication, assembled by David Acord, Editor, who has over a dozen years of reporting and editing experience, has a free, downloadable copy of its latest issue available in PDF format. This issue has articles on the mysterious "gowrow" of the Ozarks, the Bladenboro Beast, the ongoing Hairy Hominid Name project and more. As we said, this copy is a free download, but the weekly publication is usually available only by subscription. Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, a new foray into the wilds of Africa gets underway for MonsterQuest as Mokele-Mbembe Expedition II Departs. Will Dr. Bill Gibbons be able to lead the television crew to proof of a giant sauropod in the Congo?

3. Over at the main CFZ blog you can find some cool new posts, including: (A) Oll Lewis on the Gwiber; and (B) 600 snakes and a very big fish.

4. Raven on Ghillie-Suits Vs. Bigfoot;

5. Regan Lee has a new Bigfoot-post over at Binnall of America, in which she says: "Within the Bigfoot phenomena, there are several controversial topics. I'd say the three most controversial include the debates over 'giant ape' vs. something else, paranormal/inter-dimensional vs. strictly flesh and blood, and the kill/no kill view. I'm not that interested in the first of the three; it is what it is in that regard. And if Sasquatch is a paranormal/inter-dimensional entity, (which I believe it is) the other stuff is moot. But one thing I'm absolutely positive about is the kill/no kill debate. Regardless of what Bigfoot is, I support, without hesitation, a 'no kill' stance." And here's the rest of Regan's post.

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