Monday, March 16, 2009

Monsters Everywhere...

Once again, a load of cool crypto-stuff at today's Anomalist:

Tracks of the Unknown Animal Center for Physical Trace Research. Having spent a considerable amount of money, time and effort to install observation cameras and an observation tower in the area known by the codename "Marley Woods," the Special Investigations Unite (SIU) was prevented from physically investigating the area during January and most of February, 2009, by adverse weather conditions. As weather cleared, however, the enigmas of Marley Woods grew murkier. Returning to the property, the team found more mysterious white animal hair and made casts of footprints of a mysterious heavy animal that moved through the area, unobserved, during the time frame. Observations of more odd phenomena, "light puddles," "light balls," "a large Amber display" and "a small triangular object," were also observed during the period. With images.

Photo: Chupacbras Sighted in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Phantoms & Monsters. A camera at a ranch in Tamaulipas State, Mexico, snapped a photo of something strange, believed by the rancher and his family to be the legendary Chupacabras, or Goat Sucker. But, the photo has been on the internet at sites dedicated to the Hispanic legend for months prior to its current resurrection. Could this be another hoax (see Cryptomundo: Borneo Giant Snake Hoax: Old News Anew), or is it just a misinterpreted photo of a "deer running for its life"? Meanwhile, continued reports of sightings on the West Coast of America, particularly the Pacific Northwest, have Loren Coleman speculating about more mundane explanations for sea serpent claims in Ahoy, Thar Be Sea Monsters, Arr, Otters! With images. Elsewhere, Dr. Karl Shuker expounds on A Diversity of Devil-Fishes. With images.


OSIRIS said...

Nick - the Chupacabras photo looks like one that was circulating on the internet about 6 years ago as a "demon":

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah it does. I thought I had seen it before.