Friday, March 13, 2009


From today's Anomalist, more good stuff as usual!

The Truth...Is Furry? Prince George Citizen. Brian Vike, usually known for his work tracking the Canadian UFO experience out of his home in Houston, British Columbia, is on the track of something else lately. He's tracking footrints that are over 17 inches long. Is Vike on the trail of Bigfoot/Sasquatch? There's more on Vike's current Bigfoot case in Sasquatch Linked to Mysterious Footprints, with photo; Sasquatch Expert Following Footprint Discovery and Sasquatch Evidence Convincing, Local Expert Says. Meanwhile, the Great Lakes State has its tales of the hairy hominoid, too, as reported in Bigfoot Sightings Keep the Legend Alive in Michigan. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo updates new findings in Mysterious Peking Man Again. With images.

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