Friday, March 13, 2009

Back in Black!

Yes, AC/DC fans: excuse the awful title-pun, but the phantom black-dog of Britain's Cannock Chase woods is in the news again.

With Bigfoot, black-dogs, werewolves, big-cats, ghosts, UFOs, wallabies, wild-boar, giant snakes, a flying man, and the occasional huge winged-monster said to be roaming the woods of the Cannock Chase, I seriously doubt there's a stranger place on the planet!

And, of course, I was born there, too! Well, not quite born on the Chase, but you get the picture...


Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

You doubt that there's a stranger place on the planet?
Have you seen inside Andy Dick's closet lately?

Great post as always Nick!
Wish I lived near that place. Sounds like a cool place to be!

cryptidsrus said...

The question is:

What is this a portent of???


Dick IS pretty weird. But so are all of us in one way or another. :)