Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bigfoot on the Net

Yet again, The Anomalist has a good assortment of Bigfoot data to impart today:

The Angry Old Man Blogsquatcher. A Bigfoot experiencer identifed here only as "Dave in Kentucky" tells of his recent terrifying experience on a foggy lakeshore. Dave was researching some Bigfoot reports in the area of the lake when the incident occurred. The encounter included loud sounds from the creature that impacted Dave quite strongly and evoke consideration of the "infrasound" effect some Bigfoot researchers mention. With images. Elsewhere, even as other news sources are reporting Russian Bigfoot Expedition Postponed Due to Weather, Pravda is reporting some limited success for the expedition in Russian Scientists Use Google Maps to Find Yeti. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman has more on the expedition at Cryptomundo in Bad Weather Slows Siberian Quest.

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