Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Anomalies

Meanwhile, over at The Anomalist...

History Channel in Garo Hills for 'Monster Quest' Merinews. The popular television show was recently in the Garo Hills of India searching for evidence of the "Mande Burung", India's answer to the North American Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Accompanied by primatologist Esteban Sarmiento, the team collected bone and hair samples, and was given "a blood sample for DNA testing and identifications." There's a sample of blood from the elusive, hairy Mande Burung? Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman reveals MonsterQuest Impacts Pop Culture, offers images in Striped Cryptid Sighted and echoes Juvenal's "Who watches the watchmen?" while reviewing Watchmen.

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