Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Problem of Nessie

Lindsay Selby has a new post that details the many and varied reasons why it has proven so difficult to confirm the presence of something anomalous in Loch Ness. She says:

"People often say to me Why has nothing conclusive been found at Loch Ness? There are lots of reasons. One is that although the Loch is 23 miles long, large parts of it are not viewable because of trees, bushes etc around it and some parts are not easily accessible as to do so means scrambling down very steep banks. I have put on a photo here to show that even in winter it is still not easy to view through the trees.( it is a bit wonky as I was standing on a slope) People who have never visited the Loch often scoff that no one has yet got a decent photo but they don’t realise how difficult a task that is."

And here's Lindsay's full post.

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